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Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Atlanta

Sexual Harassment Personal Injury Lawyers

When you are on the job, your management has an obligation to give you a work environment where you feel safe and comfortable. This means that you have the right to not be sexually harassed or made uncomfortable. Sexual harassment is a serious charge and jobs want to avoid admitting any guilt. They may try and blame the harassment on you or claim that they were unaware anything was happening at all. This is why you need the help of aAtlanta personal injury lawyer from The Berry Law Group. We can help you get the justice you deserve.

In Atlanta, GA there are strict laws as to your rights regarding sexual harassment. You can be harassed by a co-worker, superior or even a client or customer. It does not matter who or what the circumstances, if the management is aware that you are uncomfortable with the situation and does nothing to stop it, you could have a claim. Sexual harassment is also gender neutral. A man or woman can be harassed by a man or woman regardless of anyone's sexual orientation. There are 2 areas of sexual harassment law in Atlanta; they are referred to as quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Both can be sometime hard to prove and can end up as a he says/she says situation. That is why the sexual harassment lawyers at The Berry Law Group will work hard to build your case by gathering evidence in the form of emails and notes, finding witnesses to the harassment and more.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Quid Pro Quo

One type of sexual harassment is legally referred to as quid pro quo. This covers situations where a superior requests sexual favors in return for a promotion or other perks. Another example would be your boss firing you for refusing sexual advances or threatening to fire you if you don't engage in a romantic activity with them. These situations are wrong and can make you feel scared and ashamed. Management need to be aware that any sexual or romantic advances towards employees can be viewed as sexual harassment. Superiors should be very careful when engaging in any type of friendly conversation with employees. Anything that can be perceived as a sexual proposition or any contact that is seen as sexual or unwanted can be grounds for a quid pro quo sexual harassment claim against the company. It should not be up to employees to interpret the meaning of their superiors' actions. Before a person is given an authoritative position, management should make sure they understand Atlanta sexual harassment laws.

In other sexual harassment situations, you would report the problem to your superiors. But in cases of quid pro quo harassment, your superiors are the ones accused of the crime so you may feel you have no one to turn to. In these cases, you can go straight to a personal injury lawyer serving Atlanta. A sexual harassment lawyer will be able to advise you what you need to do next regardless if you have been terminated, forced to resign or are still employed at your job.

Hostile Work Environment

The other and broader sexual harassment area of law is hostile work environment. This protects you from having to work in any situation where you are made to feel uncomfortable by co-workers, management or customers. This can be direct or indirect harassment. In-direct harassment is when you are no specifically being harassed but are offended by the attitude of other employees. Examples include co-workers who talk loudly about women's bodies or who look at pornography at work. Direct harassment occurs when someone is making inappropriate remarks or advances towards you. This can include co-workers asking you sexually explicit questions or customers grabbing or fondling you.

In hostile work environment situations, Atlanta and Georgia law requires that you must first go to HR or management and report the problem. Sexual comments from co-workers or customers alone are not enough to be considered sexual harassment. You will need to show that management was aware of the situation and did nothing to stop it. Hostile work environment can also be proven if you were let go after complaining of sexual harassment. If customers or clients make inappropriate comments or advances, you should report it to management right away. They have an obligation to their employees to make them feel safe, even from people who are not under their employment. If you go out on your lunch break however and are harassed by the construction crew next door, that is not under your job's umbrella of responsibility. Only people that your job requires you to interact with can create a hostile work environment.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers Serving the Atlanta Area

If you believe that you have been a victim of sexual harassment, call the personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group today. Our lawyers know a lot about sexual harassment law in Atlanta and want to help you get the compensation that you deserve. There are many types of compensation you can ask for in sexual harassment claims. If you have been fired, forced to resign or denied a promotion because you reported or refused sexual advances or a hostile work environment, you can sue for wages you would have received or to get your job or promotion back. You can also ask for pain and suffering for the trauma you experienced.

Sexual harassment is never okay and often the victim feeling dirty or bad about themselves. This is unfortunate since they did nothing wrong. At The Berry Law Group, our sexual harassment lawyers believe in getting justice for all of their clients and will stop at nothing to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation and remember that we never charge a fee and we don't get paid unless you do.

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