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Doctors are not the only ones who can commit malpractice. When you stay in a hospital or visit a doctor's office you expect to be taken care of. Any mistakes made by nurses or hospital staff can be considered malpractice if it leads to series injury or death. Many errors can be made when you are under the care of nursing or hospital staff. Anything from missed medication to neglect to abuse to even mishandling an emergency can have serious consequences and can be considered malpractice.

The medical malpractice lawyers at The Berry Law Group want you to understand your rights when it comes to nursing malpractice in Atlanta. We know the serious consequences that nursing malpractice can have. Whether it is an accident or abuse, the people responsible need to be held liable for your injuries. We can get you compensation for the damages that nursing malpractice has inflicted on you. Nurses can commit many types of errors. When they do, personal injury lawyers refer to this as nursing malpractice and it is part of medical malpractice law. Nurse errors can be just as serious as doctor errors because they can affect your long term health and even your life. A nurse can make medication errors or be negligent when caring for a patient.

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One of a nurse's most important tasks is administering medication to patients. Whether this is in a hospital or doctor's office you're relying on the nurse to make sure that you're receiving the proper dosage of the proper medication that the doctor recommended. If a nurse gives you the incorrect medication, serious side effects can occur in addition to the problem of you not receiving the medication the doctor recommended. Nurses can also make medication errors by giving you the wrong dosage. When you're staying in the hospital, nurses need to administer proper dosage and look for side effects of the drugs you are being given. If you begin to show symptoms of being allergic to a medication or showing other side effects, the drug should be stopped and a substitute found. Failure to do this can result in serious complications and even death. Nurses should also be aware of any drug allergies that you have listed prior to giving you medication.

Nurses can also commit nursing malpractice by injuring a patient whether it is on accident or on purpose. Accidental injury can occur by a nurse misusing equipment while taking a test or knocking things over on a patient. For example, if a nurses using heavy equipment on a bedridden patient and knocks it over so that it falls on them, they can be injured seriously. Sadly, nurses can also abuse their patience. Nurses who hit or intentionally neglect a patient can cause serious injury. Similar to nursing home abuse, bedridden or wheelchair bound hospital patients can be physically mentally or sexually abused by nurses.

Finally, nurses can commit nursing malpractice by being negligent. This includes many different areas. The nurse can be intentionally negligent and ignore a patient and their cries for help. This can lead to bed sores or even more series conditions if a nurse does not respond quickly when a patient is having a medical problem or experiencing side effects. Many hospital patients cannot get up and move on their own and therefore rely on nurses to bring them meals, water and to use the restrooms. Nurses who neglect their patients can cause them to suffer malnutrition, dehydration or other maladies.

Nurses can also be negligent by failing to respond correctly to a medical emergency. If there's a serious problem and they do not call a doctor or take action quickly enough, a patient's condition can worsen or even lead to death. Nurses also need to monitor for negative side effects from drugs and look for signs of infection, bed sores and other common problems of hospital patients. If they fail to do this and that condition leads to serious illness or death, they can help be held responsible by nursing malpractice lawyers.

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