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Dog Bite Attorney

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A dog or other animal attack can be very bad. When you are attacked by someone's pet, you should not have to pay for your injuries alone. Pet owners need to keep their pets secure at all times, even if they believe their pet is friendly and would never hurt anyone. Animals are unpredictable and can have sudden mood changes. They can attack for no reason and therefore it is their owners' responsibility to keep them restrained and keep the general public safe.

If you or a family member have been attacked or bitten by a dog or any other type of pet, you should speak with aAtlanta personal injury lawyer today. At The Berry Law Group, we believe in getting our clients the compensation that they need for their medical bills, lost wages from missed work and more. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Animal attacks and bites can happen anywhere. It could be at a park, a friend's house or even in your own yard. Owning a vicious animal is never a smart idea because the owner is always liable for the injuries their pet inflicts. If you are walking down the street and a dog pulls off their leash and runs up and bites you, this is obviously a personal injury legal case. But even if you reach down and pet a friend's dog at their house, the owners are still liable for the bite.

Many people think that only certain dogs like Rottweilers and pit bulls are considered vicious dogs, but this is not true. In Atlanta, there are no restrictions on what breeds of dog you can have. There are no breeds that are officially considered more dangerous than others. Any breed of dog can be considered vicious, even a tiny poodle if they have been aggressive in the past.  Vicious dogs in Atlanta, Georgia are determined based on 2 factors:

  1. Has the animal bitten in the past?
  2. Has the animal shown aggressive behavior in the past?

If a dog has bitten or shown aggressive behavior in the past, it is considered a “vicious animal” and it must be restrained at all times. In addition, the owners must have at least $15,000 in liability insurance in case it attacks again. In fact, it is estimated that animal attacks are some of the most common types of homeowner's insurance liability claims. People with vicious animals will always be held liable for any attacks their dog inflicts, even if they are provoked. Pet owners should also make sure their pets have annual rabies vaccinations and must keep a record of such handy. If a dog bites a person and there is no proof that they have had a rabies shot, the victim has a right to have the animal tested. Because rabies is a fast moving illness, the animal will have to be killed in order to quickly test for rabies.

Animal Injuries Lawyer

Dog bites can be very serious, especially to young children. A simple bite can at best leave scarring and at worst cause infection and pass on diseases like rabies. Many cases of dog bites involve attacks where the victim suffers multiple bites and the trauma of having been attacked by a vicious animal for no reason. The worst dog bites cases are usually ones where a person kneels down to pet a dog and is then bitten in the face. These cases can result in blindness if the eyes are damaged and may require many reconstructive surgeries. When you are injured in any kind of animal attack, you should get a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensation for your medical bills and the pain you have suffered.

People generally think that guard dogs are okay to have in order to protect your property or business. In Atlanta, guard dogs must abide by the vicious dog law which states that if a dog has bitten or shown aggressive behave in the past, it must be restrained at all time. Basically, even if you are trespassing and are attacked by a dog, you may still be able to get compensation for your injuries. Posting a “Beware of Dog” sign and then not restraining your dog can be a violation of the Atlanta vicious dog law because you are aware the dog is aggressive and still let it loose. There is never a situation where a pet owner has the right to let their dog attack someone.

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The personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group are dedicated to our clients. We are a small law firm that only takes cases we believe in. We will work hard for you and get you a settlement that you are happy with and, if needed, we never hesitate to take the case to court. Insurance companies do not like to admit their clients were wrong and do not like to pay money to victims. A personal injury lawyer from The Berry Law Group will make sure you rights are not violated and that you get the compensation that you deserve. We will deal with the insurance company and take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

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