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If you have been mistreated by a business or company in Atlanta, you have recourse options. The personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group can help you with all of your consumer rights issues. If you have been cheated, scammed or treated unfairly by a business in Atlanta, call us right now. Businesses have an obligation to provide the services or goods that they promise. Don't accept being treated poorly by businesses -- get help with your consumer issues from The Berry Law Group.

There are many ways that you can be cheated or taken advantage of by stores and businesses, the damages are usually financial or emotional but can sometimes cause injury or other negative effects. In some circumstances, disagreements between businesses and consumers can be worked out in arbitration or without legal action, but in other cases a lawyer may be needed especially if the business is not willing to speak with you or has taken your money.

Consumer Rights Lawyer

You never know what businesses are capable of scamming you until it is too late. Airlines, contractors, and charities have all been known to cause trouble for clients. Contractors hired for repairs or additions to your house can suddenly disappear without completing the work or do a subpar job. Airlines can lose your baggage full of valuables or bump you from a flight causing you to miss important business meetings or life events like wedding and funerals. Charities can take your money and then use it for personal use instead of for the intended purpose. In any of these situations you are entitled to a refund and sometimes even additional money to make repairs or for emotional distress. Many large businesses have legal departments that try and intimidate consumers and make them believe it was just their bad luck and they are not entitled to any compensation for bad or faulty service. This is untrue and you should speak to a personal injury lawyer who deals with consumer issues before you agree or sign anything.

When you purchase a car or home you expect it to be in the promised condition. Still, some sellers or car dealers will use fake parts or cheap quick fixes in order to give the illusion of a better product before you buy. For many of these situations, you may be able to reach some sort of compensation through the business's customer service department or the Georgia Better Business Bureau. Others may be harder to pin down and may not even return your phone calls. For those situations or when you have lost a significant amount of money or were caused emotional distress, call The Berry Law Group. Our personal injury lawyers are here to serve all of Atlanta's consumers who are mistreated.

If you were injured or emotionally or financially drained by a business failing to provide what it promised or taking money or property from you that they were not authorized to take, you may have a case for a lawsuit. Atlanta businesses must provide a product or service of a certain quality and cannot take your money without providing a service or item. If you feel you have been scammed by a business, call the consumer rights lawyers at The Berry Law Group. The consultation is free and we do not charge for our services unless we get you compensated.

Consumer Issues Resolved by Our Personal Injury Lawyers

The Berry Law Group wants to protect our clients from businesses that take advantage of their consumers. That is why we work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Our Consumer Rights lawyers will listen to your case, gather evidence and prepare for trial. In many cases a settlement can be reached saving everyone time and effort, but in some cases a trial will be necessary. Our lawyers have excellent trial experience and will do everything we can to get you the best results possible.

At The Berry Law Group we never charge you a fee unless we get results so there is no risk. We can get you compensated for the money you lost and emotional distress in many cases. It does not matter what kind of business or product that mistreated you, call us today to get started and speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. To contact aAtlanta personal injury lawyer at our firm call us or complete the form on the left and a consumer's rights lawyer will contact you.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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Call us today for a free consultation. You will speak with an experienced Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer who will listen to your case and advise you the next steps to take.

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Our lawyers are here to help you get compensation for your injuries. If you were hurt in any kind of accident such as a car wreck, slip and fall, premises liability case, call The Berry Law Group right now. For your convenience we have 2 locations and are also available to come to you.

Atlanta Injury Lawyer

For more information about how the laws apply to your specific case, contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney.