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All cars should be designed to run safe and efficient. Cars are very big and very heavy and move at high speeds therefore they can cause serious injury even with all the modern safety features. If car companies build a car that is unreasonably safe or has a defect that leads to serious injury, they can be liable for the damages. Every year you hear about cars being recalled for a number of defects. Some are minor but some can be very serious and life threatening. Whether it is because safety features like the airbag fail, the car does not hold up well in a crash, the tires malfunction, or another problem with the brakes or internal systems, any injuries from a vehicle that were caused by faulty design or manufacturing can be rules as the liability of the car company or manufacturer.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident because of a poorly made or defective car, call the personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group today. Our defective car lawyers can help you with your automotive defect case and can get you the compensation that you deserve. Remember, just because your car has been recalled does not mean that you're not entitled to compensation for the injuries it caused.

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In every car produced nowadays there are a lot of safety features to protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. There are certain expectations that one has about the safety of seat belts, airbags, the ability of the roof to sustain a rollover and the safety of a car to hold up in a crash. Defective car lawyers know the importance of these safety features. Because cars weigh over a ton and travel at high speeds, a car wreck can be very dangerous to passengers and drivers. There are several different ways that a car can be defective and pose a threat to passengers and others on the road.

When a car gets into a car crash, whether it is the driver's fault or not, it is expected that the car will be able to protect the passengers as much as possible. Defective car lawyers refer to how well a car holds up in a crash is called its crashworthiness. If a car has an unreasonably low crashworthiness it can be considered a defect, especially if the car is doing something that the manufacturers or designers were not aware of. An example of this would be a car that, when hit head, catches fire and explodes. Car models should be safety tested and any weak spots in crashworthiness should be fixed before they are put on the market.

A tire malfunction is not always the fault of the car company. Tire producers and companies can also be held liable for automotive defects. Any sort of tire malfunction can be extremely dangerous because cars are traveling at high speeds and a tire blowout or tire tread separation can cause the driver of the car to lose control at an unknown point. For example, if a tire blows out while you are driving at top speed on the interstate, you will likely lose control of your vehicle and may crash into other cars, the median, or even on-coming traffic. There is no way to know if tires are defectively constructed until it was too late.

Cars are designed with the latest safety features built in and there are laws in the State of Georgia that require certain safety features such is airbags, seat belts and the ability of a car to sustain a roll over. If any of the safety features fail to do what they're supposed to, this is considered by automotive defect lawyers to be a car defect. If a car gets hit or rolls of the road and rolls over on its roof, cars are expected to be constructed nowadays to withstand the pressure. If the car is defectively produced or designed and the roof collapses, the passengers inside could get crushed and severely injured or even killed. Airbags are another concern. Even if an airbag does deploy if it deploys too hard or too fast it can cause injury or even suffocation. Of course, airbags and seat belts that do not work at all are serious concerns too.

Aside from safety features, cars can have dangerous defects in many other ways as well. If a car's brakes fail or engine shuts down while it is being used, it can lead to serious car wrecks. There have been cases of parking brakes not working well and parked cars rolling over small children and causing death. If there is a serious accidents and it is discovered that the root cause was due to the car malfunctioning, this can be the liability of the manufacturer or designer of the car. For more information on any of these types of defects, call The Berry Law Group to speak to an automotive defect lawyer.

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If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or a wrongful death due to a car defect, call the defective car lawyers at The Berry Law Group today. If your serious car wreck was ruled to be because of a factory defect with your car, or an injury is sustained because of a safety feature like an airbag failing, you are entitled to compensation. Even if the original reason for the accident is your fault, there's no excuse for car manufacturers to produce defective or unsafe cars. Call the professional personal injury lawyers today and our car defect lawyers will go to work for you. We can get you compensation for your medical bills, wages lost from missing work and even pain and suffering.

Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers will work hard for you and we never charge a fee unless we get you paid so there is no risk. Call us today at (6780 677-2263 or fill out the form on the right in order to get started with a defective car lawyer. 

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