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About Our Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorneys In Atlanta, GA

The Berry Law Group, LLC is a personal injury law firm dedicated to fighting for justice for our clients. We represent people all over Atlanta who have been the victim of an accident. There are many different areas of personal injury law and it is important to have a personal injury lawyer who understands all areas of Atlanta personal injury law.

Our lawyers work hard for their clients. We treat every client like they are the only client we have. This means we will listen to your case, and work to get a settlement that you are happy with. If necessary we will not hesitate to go to trial in order to get you the compensation you deserve. We are a small law firm which means more personal attention and dedicated attorneys.

With large law firms your case may be handed out to outside lawyers and handled mostly by paralegals that do not have law degrees. Large firms look to take on as many cases as possible and settle them quickly in order to maximize their profits. Our firm cares about the individuals and families we work with and will do our best to make sure you are happy with the results.

We approach each case as if it were going to trial. When an agreement for a settlement cannot be made with the insurance company, we will take them to court in order to fight for you. To prepare for trial we leave no stone unturned and we only work with the best professionals in the industry. This means that we will have some of the best accident reconstructionists and the best expert witnesses in Atlanta working on your behalf. If you have been injured in a car, slip and fall or any other type of accident or you are the victim of medical malpractice, call the Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group. We will do everything in our power to help you and your family recover from your injury.

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Call us today for a free consultation. You will speak with an experienced Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer who will listen to your case and advise you the next steps to take.

The Berry Law Group, LLC

Our lawyers are here to help you get compensation for your injuries. If you were hurt in any kind of accident such as a car wreck, slip and fall, premises liability case, call The Berry Law Group right now. For your convenience we have 2 locations and are also available to come to you.

Atlanta Injury Lawyer

For more information about how the laws apply to your specific case, contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney.